Sunday, 5 August 2012

Tamil Nadu post offices best in the country

Nobody cares for the good old post offices as Tamil Nadu does. The State not just has the third highest number of post offices in the country, they are kept in best shape too.
As per details available with the Ministry of Communications and IT, Tamil Nadu has 12,065 post offices in the country, thus becoming the State with third largest network of post offices. The other two states having more number of post offices are Andhra Pradesh (16,141) and Uttar Pradesh (17,640).
But Tamil Nadu has beaten both these states when it comes to their upkeep and modernisation. The State has taken most interest in modernising its post offices and has managed to computerise 2,516 of them. 
Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh have managed to computerise only 2,184 and 2,336 post offices respectively till the end of last year. Not just in computerisation, Tamil Nadu is way ahead of other states in providing internet connectivity in its post offices. 
The State has around 1,448 post offices having internet connectivity. Here, Kerala is closely behind with 1,070 post offices.
Similarly, the State is also in the number one slot with highest number of ATMs installed in the post offices. It has so far installed ATMs in 94 post offices. Andhra Pradesh is in the number 2 position followed by Maharshtra and Kerala.
“It is all about attitude,” said an official with the Ministry when asked about the unique status of Tamil Nadu with regard to the post offices. “While most states adopt a step-motherly attitude towards post offices, Tamil Nadu has always been enthusiastic about it. It has succeeded in transforming the post offices in tune with the changing times rather than treating it as an outdated institution. Tamil Nadu model is worth emulating for other states,” said the official.
The official said the attitude of Tamil Nadu is so encouraging that the Ministry is planning to declare Tamil Nadu as a “model state” in Post Office development.
According to him, the performance of other South Indian states too is better than the average.

source - (iBN live)