Sunday, 6 January 2013


HYDERABAD: After failing to deliver mail, including a registered parcel, addressed to President Pranab Mukherjee, Bolarum post office staff on Tuesday redirected it to Rashtrapti Bhavan in New Delhi.

At 8 am, senior India Post officials landed at 
R P Nilayam in Bolarum to deliver the mail to the VVIP guest. However, the President's security personnel initially stopped and denied them entry into the premises. Though they showed their identity cards and even tried to convince security personnel that they had to deliver letters to the President, their efforts were proved futile.

Meanwhile, the security personnel communicated to R P Nilayam authorities about the waiting India Post staff and explained about their purpose of visit. After half-an-hour, the security personnel permitted them to enter the R P Nilayam premises.

Till 3 pm, they were forced to wait at bungalow to deliver the mail. Meanwhile, R P Nilayam in-charge N 
Mahesh Babu spoke to the President's office. They advised him to re-direct the mail to Delhi immediately.

"As the President was flying back to the national capital, the authorities asked us to re-direct the dak in a special sealed pack to RP Bhavan, Delhi. Accordingly, we sent them," sources said.

Meanwhile, the postal department has launched an investigation to find out the reasons for non-delivery of the mail to the President. India Post officials also recorded the statements of both post-master 
A Durga Rao and postman Mahesh regarding reasons for delay in delivering the mail to the first citizen of the country.