Saturday, 19 December 2015

“The Prime Minister Narendra Modi thinks workers should be treated with the stick,” alleged Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi said the Prime Minister thinks that Indian government employees and workers are shirkers as he lambasted the government for attempting to dilute labour laws.
 “Like we fought for the rights of farmers, we will fight for the cause of the workers and government employees and stand with them and would not retreat an inch. We will fight BJP, Modi and RSS,” he said amid applause at the 31st Plenary Session of INTUC, the trade union wing of the Congress.
 “Prime Minister thinks that the government employees and workers of India are dishonest, work shirkers and could be made to work only by wielding a lathi. He feels labour laws have to be weakened and workers disciplined so that they are forced to work. He wants to bring them on their knees. If you look at the new laws being made in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Haryana, it will become clear that Modi has started a big assault on workers,” he added.
 Gandhi said, “I do not agree that our employee or worker is either shirker or indisciplined… Our worker is scared. He is scared of his future, the future of his children. The worker is scared whether the job he has today will be there tomorrow. Will the factory gate open for him tomorrow.”
 Insisting that the government should become “judge” between the labourers and the industry and “not advocate” of industry, he told the Prime Minister that if he is able to remove fear from the mind of the workers then India would be able to surpass China in no time.
 Rahul also said the PM was merely creating buzzwords. “It started with ‘achche din’, then came ‘Swachch Bharat’, ‘Smart Cities’, ‘Make in India’, ‘Digital India’ and now ‘Accessible India’. God knows which jumla will come out next.”
 Rahul Gandhi was accompanied by former prime minister Manmohan Singh and several Congress leaders.



     The Circle Secretary
     NAPE,Gr C, Odisha

Sub:- Stop Victimisation /Harassment to officials in the name of CBS and McCamish

       The following issues may be take-up with the Circle authorities for its early settlement

  1.        In violation of labour act, the System Administrators are asked to work continuously throughout day and night in the name of CBS migration of a particular office to be completed within a stipulated time. Neither they are financially benefited nor in the lieu of their hard work are they not provided to avail suitable off. Thereby they are harassed and frustrated to work.
  2.        Initially the singlehanded offices without Sanchaypost package. But all of a sudden in the name of CBS basing on data fed by Infosys which is full of error,/HOSB data were migrated for which official working at the bottom level are crying.
  3.        Since the data has been migrated without balance agreement, proper checking, and customers facing officials being abused and threatened by the customers. There is every chances of huge for in future.
  4.        Sify connectivity is not working properly for which officials are forced to detain and to discharge their duties after office hours most of the days.
  5.        It is learnt that, CBS central server seems unresponsive most of the days, for which officials facing unnecessary public pressure.
  6.        Offices have not been provided with proper infrastructure like LaserJet printers, compatible systems for CBS.
  7.      .   256 KBPS bandwith is not enough for SOs and needs to be upgraded for Finacle and McCamish.
  8.        Most of offices are running with NSP2 connectivity which needs to be equipped with NSP1 before migration.
  9.        KLC gap has not yet been fully settled which compels to collect the premium through point of sale. But in Meghdoot 7.9.4 version, there is no provision for premium collection in McCamish rolled out offices. There by the customers are refused by the counter assistants. Being refused by the counter assistant, customer don’t forget to man handled the officials.
  10. .   Adequate man power and infrastructure are not been provided, thereby rebooking of rpli transactions at account office is not possible on the part of existing man power.                         

                         Administrations only wants to implement new packages ignoring practical problems faced by the grass root level employees. Immediately suitable steps may kindly be taken by the authority.

Gobinda Chandra Pratihari