Friday, 12 July 2013

Downgradation of O/O SSPOS to SPOS., Puri Division

Department of Posts: India
Office of the Senior Supdt of POs, Puri Division, Puri- 752 001

No:    B 12/36(Sub)                                                        Dated at Puri the  8th July 2013

          Consequent upon the reversion of Sri Muralidhar Sethi, SSPOs, Puri Division, Puri from JTS-Group-A cadre to his substantive cadre of PS-Group-B communicated vide CO Memo No. ST/2-34(3)/2010 dated 01.07.2013, the post of Senior Supdt. of Post Offices (SSPOs) ,Puri Division, Puri is downgraded to the post of Supdt. of Post Offices (SPOs), Puri Division, Puri

Hence, all the correspondence to be made to the SPOs, Puri Division w.e.f 09.07.2013 Forennon until further notification.

This is for information of all concerned,

Senior Supdt. of Post Offices
Puri Division, Puri-752001

Copy to:
1.                 All the Postmasters/ASP/ IPs/SPMs of Puri Division / All Branches of Divisional office, Puri for information, necessary action and wide circulation among all concerned.
2.              The AD (Staff), O/o C.P.M.G, Odisha Circle, Bhubaneswar w.r.t. letter No. ST/2-34(3)/2010 dated 01.07.2013.
3.              All the Service Unions of Puri Postal Division, Puri.
4-5.   Office copy/Spare.

Senior Supdt. of Post Offices
          Puri Division,Puri-752001