Saturday, 4 June 2016


Issue Reported: 

Unable to pay MIS/TD/SCSS interest amount from Sundry Account.


The recommended sequence to be followed by the user:
1. Check the interest amount generated and interest already paid using HTM :
HTM --> Add --> C/NP --> Sundry account as Account Id --> any amount --> Click on Additional part tran details --> Go
Give no values to Start and End amounts, and no values to Start and End Date -->Filter as Select-->Ref No as MIS Account Number--> Submit
 interest generated amount will be displayed under 'Tran. Amt.' and interest paid to the customer will be displayed under 'Reversed Amt.'
  • If a generated interest has already been paid to the customer, that reversal transaction can be viewed by clicking on the icon under 'Contra Tran Details' :
  • The 'Contra Part Transactions List' window gives the transaction details. By Clicking on the icon under the first Column, further details of the reversal transaction can be obtained:
2. If the interest amount generated is not reversed, then the user may payout the generated interest amount

Verification Of Transactions In CBS Post Offices

I am directed to inform that it has been observed by Infosys Team from the back end that Supervisors of CBS Post Offices are not verifying transactions on regular basis which is resulting in pilling up of transactions for verification at the closing hours. This is also resulting in delay is starting and completion of End of Day operations. 
It is requested that instructions may be issued to all CBS Post Offices that every Supervisor to regularly verify transactions and should visit all Transaction Verification menus after every 30 minutes to see any pending transaction for verification. 

This should be strictly followed. 

Supervisors are also bound to verify all non financial modifications and it is observed that hundreds of such modifications are pending for verification. This is resulting in non picking up of such accounts by interest batches and customers are complaining that interest is not generated for his/her account. 

This should also be ensured that Supervisors should verify all non financial modifications and account opening regularly.

It is also observed that some post offices start BO transaction posting very late resulting in delay in starting of EOD. 

It is requested that transactions of BOs should be either completed by 4.30 PM or should be posted on the next day. 

With regards,

Sachin Kishore
Director (CBS)
Sansad Marg,
Dak Bhavan
From: Director (CBS) 
Sent: 03 June 2016 13:14