Friday, 25 January 2013


This is the condition of the JANLA Sub-postoffice in account with Khurda Head postoffice . This is a Project arrow office. And this is the condition of the project arrow and look and feel system of the department. This is a double hand office with other GDS staffs for packing and mail delivery. What about their lives ? The divisional administration has become completely paralysed. It is not in a mood to spend a single pie .It only bothers when DET of certain day has not been transfered to central server by any office.This office is situated on NH-5 ,very near to Bhubaneswar. When this is the condition of road side offices,then our viewers are very intelligent . Because of this condition of the office, attempt of theft have been occurred twice and each time divisional administration fixed responsibility upon the SPM as there is a provision of a quarter attached to it. But divisional office is quite inhuman to think that a SPM is bound to reside in this quarter of ruined condition. Let's see when the department wakes up from deep sleep ? Hope that day will come soon.