Monday, 30 April 2012

Aadhar card ; Boon for Department of Posts , Bane for the employees.

The government on Wednesday said as many as 3.86 crore Aadhaar letters are in the process of being dispatched while 6.46 lakh cards could not be delivered by the postal department due various reasons such as incomplete address.

As on April 20, 2012 a total of 17 crore Aadhaar numbers had been generated and 10.44 crore have been dispatched, Minister of State for Planning Ashwani Kumar said in a written reply in the Lok Sabha.

 "Out of these (10.44 crore letters), 6.58 crore Aadhaar letters have been delivered as reported by India Post and the remaining 3.86 crore letters are in transit," Kumar, who is also Minister of State for Science and Technology and Earth Science said.

He further said that as per the portal of the Department of Posts, the total returned letters as on April 20, 2012, stood at 6.46 lakh. This is 0.98 per cent of total Aadhaar letters delivered..

                                                           This is the statistics of the government. But the problems of the departmental employees has been over looked.The UIDs are coming large in numbers . In fact these cards are comming in special bags containing not less than 2000 articles in each bag. But the number of PAs are also constant.Opening of bags, receive of articles in computer for 2000 articles will take not less than 4 hours.If the postmen waits for 4 hours , naturally their number of delivery will decrease.  The number of fresh postman posting is almost negligible. The department is curtailing the vacant posts of  postmen in various sub offices with the posting of EDs (Extra Departmental) employees. But the duty hour of a ED is almost half from a postman. In their short duty hours also they are being forced by the postmasters for 100% delivery of the UID cards.We can't blame the postmasters totally. They are also forced by the CO for 100 % delivery.If postmen are forced in this summer , then who will be held responsible if any mishap arises to any postmen ? No doubt department will gain more profit from this project , but what will a general postman / an ED will gain from this ? 
                                             Department of Posts neither have any infrastructure to help a postman in his delivery work , nor have any intension for the genuine human rights of the postmen.                                                                

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