Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Viewers, similar to previous years ,this year also all the postal employees of Odisha circle is debarred from celebrating the festival of colors . All the state government departments and central government offices including Railway offices also will be closed tomorrow. But being an exception to all these departments the Postal department employees are not going to celebrate Holli. Some question arises here. Firstly, while the Railway department is going to close its administrative offices tomorrow, though it is a central government department and all over India celebrating Holli today. But the local authorities of Railway modified the holiday according to the odia culture. But at the same time, local Postal department authorities remained silent being loyal to their superiors and ignoring the culture of odisha. Department is not aware of the welfare of the staff side. In fact it is in a mood to achieve the target which is mounted forcefully upon the staff side in order to overcome out of heavy loss. Secondly, if all the post offices will work during Holli and any out sider / public puts the colorful water on the documents and computer systems of the office, who will be held responsible ? Undoubtedly the concerned Postmaster. But is there any control of a Postmaster over the general public ? But friends department is not in a mood to listen any plea from the staff side. So some of the staffs are discussing to open their offices after 2.00 p.m non-officially. Our viewers are the best judges. Write your opinions through comments or mail us at :

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