Friday, 1 March 2013

Transfer of Shri Amulya Kumar Dash on imunity ground

After a long fight with the divisional administration at the circle level, Shri Amulya Kumar Dash ,Asst. secretery no.1(National Association of Postal Employees, Puri) got justice and divisional office has posted
Shri Amulya Kumar Dash, SPM, Basudev Pur SO  as OA, Divisional Office.
                                                     One thing can be shared here that,  Shri Amulya Kumar Dash was previously working in Division office, but in ill-intention , he was been re-posted as SPM Basudevpur SO.But the NAPE,Puri , strongly reacted to this mockery and fought for Mr. Dash to get him back to his previous posting under immunity ground.

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