Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Postal department introduces new-designed postal-orders with revised postal-commissions

Department of Posts after 16 long years of revising commission for postal-orders in the year 1999 subsequent to CIC-recommendations in appeal-number CIC/BS/A/2014/000100/6573 dated 15.12.2014 has at last introduced new-designed postal-orders with revised postal-commissions (copies attached) abolishing obsolete and never used lower denominations of rupees 1, 2, 5 and 7.
Responsibility should be fixed and action taken against those responsible for continuing printing old-designed postal-orders with old printed commission during past sixteen years.

- Even now newly-designed postal-orders still require name of payable post-office, which is a useless and heavily costly feature in present era of multi-city clearing of instruments of cheques, drafts, pay-orders and postal-orders.
A more recent CIC-verdict in appeal-number CIC/BS/A/2014/001442/7853 dated June 15, 2015 has again recommended Department of Posts to issue even further modified postal-orders payable at par at any post-office in India of course with commission to be charged at time of purchase of postal-orders.
But Department of Posts vide letter dated July 06, 2015 has ruled out important CIC-recommendation as a policy-matter without even going through merits of recommendations.

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