Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Clarification on compassionate appointment for married son – Dopt issued orders on 5.9.2016

Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training

North Block, New Delhi
Dated the 05th September, 2016


Subject:- Consolidated Instructions on compassionate appointment — Review of FAQs dated 30.05.2013/25.02.2015 with regard to married son.

The undersigned is directed to invite attention to this Department’s O.M. No. 14014/6/1994-Estt.(D) dated 09th October, 1998 and OM of even number dated 16th January, 2013 vide which Consolidated Instructions on compassionate appointment were issued. Subsequently, vide FAQ No. 13 dated 30.05.2013 it has been clarified that married sons are not considered as dependent family member and hence not eligible for consideration for compassionate appointment. The clarification with regard to married son as stipulated in FAQ No. 13 dated 30.05.2013 has been reviewed vide FAQ No 60 of even number dated 25.02.2015 as under:-

2. Pursuant to various Court Orders, the clarification/FAQ No. 13 dated 30.05.2013 and FAQ No. 60 dated 25.02.2015 has been further reviewed in consultation with the Department of Legal Affairs. It has been decided that married son can be considered for compassionate appointment if he otherwise fulfils all the other requirements of the Scheme i.e. he is otherwise eligible and fulfils the criteria laid down in this Department’s O.M. dated 16thJanuary, 2013.

3. FAQ No.13 dated 30.05.2013 and FAQ No.60 dated 25.02.2015 stands withdrawn from the date of their issue.

4. The cases of compassionate appointment rejected solely on the grounds of marital status in terms of FAQ No. 13 dated 30.05.2013 during the intervening period i.e. w.e.f. 30.05.2013 to 25.02.2015 in respect of married son may be reopened/reconsidered against vacancies occurring after issue of this OM.

5. Hindi version will follow.

(G. Jayanthi)
Director (E-I)

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