Friday, 4 November 2016

National Union Meeting with Secretary,DoP,Sri.B.V.Sudhakar

           National Union Meeting with Secretary,DoP,Sri.B.V.Sudhakar 

Memorandum submitted to Secretary India post by Shri D.kishenrao,GS NUPE Gr-C along with Rajat Das-president, Shivakumar-cs Bangalore,Sivaji- CS AP,Lakshminarayana CS GDS AP,L.krishnaprasad-RR Visakhapatnam and submitted representations regarding GDS compassionate appointment,GDS Rule-3 transfer,NUGDS trade union facilities,dettachment of GDS MC/MD duties to BPM,and discussed about allowances of departmental employees.A detailed memorandum submitted to Secretary for recommending Govt.of India regarding GDS pay committee recommendations 

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